Teaching / Training assignments

European Parliament

As the editor in chief of the parliamentary TV channel “EuroparlTV”, I would like to underline the excellent collaboration we had with Mr. Kalle Kaub. Mehr …

University of Gloucestershire

We are an extremely dynamic team to which Kalle both fitted in and added a new element too. Since his departure, students are always asking when he will come back because they want to discuss new ideas with him. I highly recommend him to you as an outstanding teacher who we value as a member of our team. Mehr …

University of Gloucestershire

Karsten Kaub (Kalle) is one of those rare individuals, an experienced and talented cameraman and filmmaker who has the ability to inspire, motivate and impart knowledge and understanding to students. Mehr …

Student references

“Professional and passionate, Kalle Kaub is a committed tutor that engages with his students and brings interesting subjects to life. His knowledge of technical aspects and his unique and charming method of educating makes him a excellent mentor.” Mehr …

Employment references


Shoot-edit für die EBU (Olympische Spiele)

Shoot-edit BBC