I have seen a lot through my camera and my work has left me with lasting impressions. I have filmed celebrities such as Prince Charles and Vladimir Putin, but I have mainly focussed on those on the other side of the social divide. Humans from extremely different cultural, political and religious walks of life. People who have lost their families in natural disasters, mothers of suicide bombers, miners who can’t feed their children, or children who were forced to fight in devastating armed conflicts. I joined them on a small part of their journey through life. Without pretence, without bias.

Being close to people in such raw situations means a lot to me. It touches me, changes me. I thrive working in inhospitable corners of this planet. I learn from people who live their lives in utterly different ways to mine. People who are more guided by their soul and beliefs than money and status.

I thrive to create a personal proximity with my protagonist without losing objective professional distance. Gaining the trust of my protagonist is key to telling the story authentically and I therefore cherish it once it has been bestowed upon me. I don’t compromise that trust in order to sell the story. Mutual respect is what matters.