Every person has a story. I want to capture it authentically and honestly with my camera. Enthusiastically and innovatively. Always with respect for my protagonists, their culture and faith.

I have filmed out of a low flying helicopter going over enemy lines, on top of a 6000m high mountain, at -53ºC in Siberia or +43ºC in the Namib desert, with indigenous people in the remotest regions of our planet or in the thick of a hooligan riot. Principally, I am happy to film in any country at any time, however I am not gung-ho or in search for the next adrenalin rush. I love working as part of a team.

As I am also a picture-editor, I know just how hard it is to cut a good film out of reels of unstructured, random images. I therefore plan and think ahead, paying painstaking attention to getting the right footage for solid and smooth sequences.

Kalle Kaub

Cameraman, picture-editor and journalist.

Main emphasis

Documentaries, current affairs, socio-political and environmental reportages

My services

Camera, edit, light. Research & Concept. Effective time & team management

Over the past 20 years I have filmed in roughly 70 countries:

  • Westsiberia – Matchmaker trying to pair up hunters & gatherers of the Hanti Mansi
  • Montana – Amish breaking free into a new era /li>
  • Georgia – Rose Revolution
  • Karelia – Record winter at -54 Celsius
  • Abkhasia – War tourism / VJ for UNICEF
  • Sachalin – Salmon poaching & Russia’s first offshore oil rig
  • Azerbaijian – Portrait of a dictatorship on the axis between Europa & Eurasia . IDPs stranded in the oilfields outside Baku and forgotten refugee camps.
  • Kosovo / Mazedonia – War
  • Israel / Palestine – Intifada
  • Afghanistan / Iraq – War
  • Ukraine – Revolution / investigative report on human trafficking
  • Greenland – Climate change
  • Faroe Island – Search & Rescue missions
  • Kirgizstan – Revolution
  • Chechnya – Terrorism & Dictatorship
  • Bandah Aceh – Tsunami
  • Antarctica – Kriegsberichterstattung
  • Svalbard – My own sailing adventure to the northern end of the world…