Detlef Konnerth, Spiegel TV
“Kalle Kaub is no ordinary cameraman, he is also a passionate storyteller. On a shoot, he always thinks ahead, engaging in the planning and conceptualisation of the film. He is also a trained picture editor and hard worker, happy to work long hours. These attributes give me total support as a director. My story also becomes Kalle’s story. He is crisis-proof; things getting intense leave him unfazed. I worked with him in Banda Aceh right after the Tsunami swept through and also in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite extremely physically demanding working hours of 18 hours a day, I never felt the need to get Kalle motivated. Kalle keeps calm and focused even when things get extremely dangerous. It is a great pleasure and fun to be working with Kalle.”

Jonathan Charles, BBC senior world correspondent
“For many years I travelled with Kalle Kaub across the world working under often very demanding and difficult conditions in many war and disaster zones. Throughout, Kalle proved to be a highly innovative, motivated and reliable cameraman who always paid a lot of attention to detail. He is exceptionally quick to adapt to new situations and has a real open and honest way of dealing with the people in front of his camera. On top of this, Kalle is a very good companion to have whilst being ‘on the road’!”

Roland Musolff, doctumentary film picture-editor since 1988
“Kalle Kaub gets me exactly the right pictures I need to tell a strong story. He is always present – poetic, without falling into clichés – solid, even when things get hectic all around. Kalle Kaub is always able to deliver structured solutions in extremely demanding situations. I look forward to further joint projects.”