To whom it may concern, Brussels, 05.11.2010

As the editor in chief of the parliamentary TV channel “EuroparlTV”, I would like to underline the excellent collaboration we had with Mr. Kalle Kaub.

Before the launch of the channel in 2008, Mr. Kaub was responsible for the training of all video-journalists working for EuroparlTV. Within one week, he managed to teach the necessary camera and editing skills to a team of 12 young journalists. His ability to convey technical knowledge but also his teaching capabilities were very appreciated by all participants.

Since 2008, we continued to work with Mr. Kaub, calling him every time we had to report from Germany. His cooperation was always very proactive and his director and cameraman work reaches a level of excellence which is quite difficult to equal.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information or comments.

Patrick Delfosse
Editor in Chief

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